The field of application of the Monowheel is incredibly diverse and varied. We have summarized you a brief overview here.

Where can you go with the Monowheel?

At once, on which substrates the Monowheel can be driven. The best way you should be use it like any rolling sports equipment (kick scooters, scooter, skateboard, Segway) on the pavement. But also uneven walk surfaces masters the Monowheel easily. When practicing, you will notice that pedestrians will perceive the electric unicycle with a smile and fascination.

Where can the Monowheel be used?

The electric unicycle is ideal for transport in all kinds of situations. For the housewife and mother while walking with the stroller, as a business woman/man on her way to the office, for shopping when it must be go fast or for sightseeing through your favorite city, when going for a walk with your dog. On campus, for the students, faculty, or the Professor. The Balance Scooter is an all-rounder and enthusiastic teenagers as well as pensioners.

The Monowheel is also the perfect small car for commuting. From the front door to the next bus stop on the Monowheel. In the bus board, the Monowheel is super compact and easy to carry in one hand. From the bus continues on the Monowheel in the nearest underground station. Taken the Monowheel in hand, purely on the train until the last stop. Then the rest of way to your work further on the Monowheel. Conclusion: No eternal skiing, fun on the way to work and back, completely hassle free.

Super suitable for an outing with friends, go to the festival grounds or amusement park and for transporting your equipment at the water ski see. Also perfect for excursions during your vacation.

The Monowheel is summarized in almost all everyday situations and exceptional situations everywhere on your site.