Monowheel driving instructions and safety

From our personal experience and from the experience of our customers, we can say that in practice you need about 30-60 minutes to drive with the Monowheel. After that it’s like any other new a learned, practice makes perfect. The Monowheel is easier to learn how to use it and drive it than scooters, skateboards, skis or skates.
IMPORTANT: the Monowheel has a real brake, unlike the other driving devices.
If you practice with other vehicles without handlebars, you need minimal l6 spend hours (over several sessions spread) to learn it.

Train it
With the existing car balancing-system in the Monowheel, you only need to find the lateral balance (just like on a bicycle).
At first it may disturb you to have no handlebar in hand , but after the first test drives the users to want to keep already no longer interested in something in his hand.
Learning the Mono Wheels is easier and less dangerous than that of a classic unicycle (Auto Balancierungssystem front / rear).
Anyone can learn it – you learn it as simple as cycling.
We recommend that you initially during the learning phase protective pads for knees, elbows and shins and to wear a helmet.

At the beginning it helps you to train with a person or on a wall or a fence. More in our video tutorials!
Important: Take some time for learning and practice!

Exercise #1: The Start
• fold the foot platforms down
• insert the foot of your stronger leg well positioned to Monowheel
• use the tip of the other leg, hold the Monowheel perpendicular to the ground and in a straight line; for this last operation you can easily tilt forward in order to find the balance
• now you have to turn your shoulders slightly and look with the head in the direction where you want to go
• gradually you will be able to swing harder and optimal turn around

Exercise #2: Feel the acceleration / deceleration
• start on a ramp in order to keep better
• put your foot in the middle of the foot platform
• prevent to lean your leg on the calf to the top of the red cushion
• place your other foot on the Monowheel
• the first time you press with your calves the red cushion, so as not to lose the Monowheel under your foot
• set up straight, bend your legs slightly and look straight ahead
• make alternating movements forward and backward by gently tilting your entire body
• try to reach a wall or a ramp a few feet in front of you
• if you want to stop, tilt your body back to trigger the brake
• if you are on the way to lose your balance, start again
• repeat the process several times
• gradually you will be able to drive 1 meter, 2 meters, 4 meters, 8 meters … without having the foot on the ground

Exercise #3: Turn around
Make a 30-minute break – so your neurons can process the information in your brain.

After practicing with the balance scooter you will be able to drive, to rotate, and to drive slalom perfectly. (1 hour per day / 3 days)

Attention! These are the maximum limits for users of vehicles without handlebar; the introduction is on average much faster than one hour a day for a total of one week.

Features of the Monowheel
The Monowheel is the most compact and most reliable people – transport vehicle, that was ever invented.

It is the lightest motorized vehicle for adults (9kg) which is currently available on the market. The newly patented electric unicycle is gyro stabilized and compared to the electric bicycle or unicycle more compact and exciting. The Monowheel consists of a motorized wheel, two foldable foot platforms, gyro sensors, a controller and a battery.

Inventions / Details
• the lightest vehicle in the world (with the exception of vehicles for children)
• the most compact automobile
• the unique motor vehicle allows to drive with a free hand
• the best energy-saving motor of a vehicle in the world
• the fastest electric car in the world, regarding its charging / carrying capacity
• in its category, the most reliable motor vehicle (Highest reliability
The Monowheel composition and build quality makes him to the most reliable engine of all time. No part of built-in or available subject is under friction – compared to the bike or kick scooters (brake pads, shoe drum etc.)

There are only two joints with magnets to fix the closed foot platforms, as well as plastic and extremely solid and cushion brake screws.