Welcome to monowheel.info, leading online retailer for Monowheels. We are the only company of its kind that offers you a complete service for the Monowheel in Germany.  Our success is characterized by high product quality, by outstanding customer service, fair prices and of course by their satisfaction. We offer you the full warranty for our products and if you should have questions, we are available by telephone, by e-mail and as well as through our online support for you.

Unbeatable Arguments

This incredible electronic unicycle literally revolutionized the passenger transport market. The self-balancing unicycle – Monowheel is already designated this year as a “must have-device”.

The Monowheel is the ultimate device for all. Just for the fun or for functionality or for both. We have commuters making their way back to work on its Monowheel, students cross their way on road to the university. They even support the automotive users.

The Balance Scooters operates similarly to a “Segway”. They are charged extremely quickly and the built-in battery makes it particularly environmentally friendly and efficient driving on sidewalks, off road and even uphill. This rapidity, we also offer you in our delivery. If the order receive us until 11 clock, we can expect a delivery to the next business day in Germany. International shipments may take up to 2-3 days.

Fantastic Products

We want to offer our customers only the best. With a speed of up to 25 km/h per hour and with a range of up to 40km depending on the model, with a single charge. On Monowheel it’s hard to complain something. We have several models, the right for each user. Our unicycle Segways are environmentally friendly and load up when going downhill or the speed reduces itself to. Monowheel constantly working on ways to become even greener and to keep our planet clean.

Top Quality

Durability is one of the main selling points of the Monowheel. The housing is extremely robust and waterproof, and making the Monowheel to the most durable electric unicycle our time. Customers can be sure that Monowheel only offering high quality products with longevity. Even in the harsh terrain, the Monowheel withstands.

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Free Testing

We offer our customers free testing on our products. So you can get an idea of the products and convince yourself of the quality.
If your are interested in a test drive, just contact our customer service or our Monowheel Dealer Points directly into your neighborhood.

Customer Service

We provide a 24-hour Monowheel telephone line for all inquiries. The integrated chat on our website can be used at any time for free. Our products are available from stock and super fast at your house. You benefit from the full guarantee, and your satisfaction with all our products. Our team is ready to ensure that you are 100% happy and satisfied with your purchase. Contact us at any time and learn more about our products.