Monowheel – The electric unicycle balance scooter

The Monowheel is the first unicycle electric scooter, which can be controlled through the own body control and stabilizes itself worldwide. It gives a unique feel and is very simple to drive. It brings you fast, convenient and environmentally to your desired destination. With a little practice is rapid gas, heavily loaded shopping or take a walking pace in a crowd, a absolute everyday life.

The unicycle electric scooter is ideal for a transport in all kind of situations. For the housewife and mother while walking with the stroller, as a business woman on her way to the office, for a fast shopping or a sightseeing through your favorite city, for a walk with your dog. On campus for the students, the faculty or the professor. The electric unicycle is an all-rounder and enthusiastic teenagers as well as pensioners.

The unicycle Balance Scooter is super compact and virtually noiseless. It makes every trip to a unique experience. The Monowheel is a multi-talent and become your constant companion very quickly. Always there the electric unicycle scooter, the “Balance Scooter” shines with its enormous versatility.

The Balance Scooter is on the way to revolutionizing our locomotion. It offers everyone a convenient and fun transportation experience, with the feeling “to slide on the floor.” Depending on the model the electric unicycle can carry you far up to 35km, with a slope up to 15 degrees uphill or downhill. Another strength is the low weight of just 9,5kg. The Monowheel battery is from full discharge to fully charged ready within 2 hours via the power socket and people can drive with the Wheel with a weight up to 120kg with up to 20 km / h.

The Monowheel includes all kinds of technology. The perfect interplay of the electronic ensures that with the proper balance you don’t tilt up in forward or backward. With the driving speed, the soundness of the left and right tilting will be controlled. By using the heel, the driving speed will ne determined. By relieving the Monowheel accelerated and will be braked by light load.

It is up to you, in which way you wants to learn driving on the Portable Electric Unicycle electric scooter. In variant one you practice the described exercises in the manual alone or choose option 2 and a second person can assist you. They will help you to maintain the balance by keeping you on the arm. With some practice you should be so far, to drive the balance scooter autonomously after 30-60 minutes.

As already mentioned the Monowheel is a multi-talent. It improves the fine motor skills, ensures a correct posture and additionally strengthens the fine muscles. Already after one hour “floating” on the Balance Scooter, you realize you have done something good for your body, but don’t feel a muscle aches. Through the initial concentration on the driving style, succeeds a simple clear your mind.