The Monowheel electric unicycle – What is that and for what is that?

The electric unicycle is the only motorized transportation with a patented gyro-stabilized wheel. He is the lightest (just 9,5 kg) and most compact vehicle in the world. The electric unicycle can be transported and stored everywhere.

Furthermore the electric unicycle offers you a very convenient and fun way of rapid locomotion, with the feeling “to slide on the floor.”

„So etwa wie das Gefühl von dem Hoverboard, in dem Film „Zurück in die Zukunft“ transportiert zu werden“.
For example, like the feeling to be transported of the Hoverboard, in the movie “Back to the Future”.

Elektro Einrad – Usability?

With the flexibility, agility and the small size, the electric unicycle is the only vehicle that actually meet the expectations of citizens corresponds to travel around.

The electric unicycle is perfect for distances between 1 and 15 km, this is the distance of 85% of all trips in big cities. We talk about micro-mobility. No other automotive vehicle is provided for these routes. Today we can find only the manually controlled, dangerous vehicles: scooter, skateboards and kick scooter.

It is also much better with its light weight, comfort and safety, than the electric skateboards or electric kick scooter.

The electric unicycle meets all criteria one places on a vehicle. Security, easiness, convenience, small size, agility, flexibility and a lot of fun.

How does it work?

The electric unicycle moves through the built-in electric motor, the battery and the gyro-stabilized system. The high-precision gyro-sensors are integrated into the motherboard. They recognize the anteversion and instruct the motor to compensate the balance, by turning the wheel and hold stable this tendency. During braking, they mutually recognize the tilt backwards and will give the motor the signal to slow down.

Does it need special acrobatic skills?

The electric unicycle requires no acrobatic skills. The Monowheel is an electric unicycle, but don’t compared with the unicycle at the circus. The electric unicycle can be used by everyone, just like the bicycle. The only difference from a bike is that you are not looking for lateral balance with your hips, leaning against the saddle, but with your calves, which were based on the center of the red leg padding.

Feels it safe on the Monowheel?

Of course! The electric unicycle Monowheel has the following features:

  • A wheel that gives you comfort and maintain, unmatched for a motorized vehicle in this weight class;
  • A stabilized wheel system, much more flexible than, for example long skis;
  • A speed limited to 25 km / h which helps to avoid falls or collisions when driving too fast. At the same time it provides you with an excellent sense of acceleration / deceleration.

The electric unicycle is more secure than many other vehicles, for example:

  • A kick scooter with his rigid wheels (with poor wheel adhesion, can get stuck in the floor gaps)
  • A skateboard (has no brakes)
  • Scooters and skateboards (in case of emergency, is the use of brakes complicated)
  • Skis (they have no brakes integrated)
  • A bike that you often travel on roads away from the bike paths, near buses and cars.


Is it dangerous without a handle?

On the contrary, when a scooter or Segway meets the sidewalk, the vehicle crash down and the driver can become tangled in the feet and you fall with your hands and the head. On the balance scooter your weight is vertically projected on the feet and then get back your inertia.

Weight? Range? Charging time?

The electric unicycle is the lightest vehicle in the world and weighs 9.5 kg. A range of about 35 km, according to the use (user weight, terrain, temperature, pressure, speed). Fully charge the battery via the power socket takes the smallest model 1 hour.

Conditions for driving 35km: Users of 60kg weight / smooth and flat floor / 20 ° C / 2.7 bar air pressure / constant speed.

Why you should invest in the Monowheel today?

The electric unicycle Monowheel is a very simple vehicle in terms of mechanics. He is one of the unavoidable means of transportation in the future, thanks to its very low price / weight / size and its great reliability / durability. Start with this new way of getting around and become familiar with it, then you could even teach driving the electric unicycle others.